MOVIES — Moving Images Arts

Iuav University of Venice postgraduate specialisation course on the moving image as an expressive medium in contemporary art and as a means to activate relational spaces for the arts. It offers an interdisciplinary approach with a programme that intersects visual and performing arts, graphics, architecture and curatorial studies.
Student: Martina Citarella Correa, 2021
Student: Marina Addis Waldmann, 2023
Lectures and workshop activities are held by a number of artists, critics and curators with established links to an international network of renowned institutions and production organisations.

This postgraduate is intended for emerging artists and visual creators who work with the moving image and seek to focus on the relationship between new media, behaviour and political concerns in contemporary society.

It aims at honing a critical reading of one’s own work, building a network of contacts – especially through connection-sharing with the visiting lecturers – developing skills in composing proposals for the funding of artistic productions and enhancing relations with institutions active in the creative sector such as festivals, research centres, museums, foundations, public and private institutions.

The course includes project work – carried out in collaboration with one of the course partners or an institution of one’s choice – which concludes with a showcase, in a Venetian exhibition space, of the major work one has developed during the course.


Module I: The Moving Image in Contemporary Art

Masterclass: Zapruder, 2019
Screening: Basir Mahmood, 2018
Starting from the context of contemporary audiovisual production, the relationships between visual arts and moving images will be explored. The topics covered in the lectures will range from pre-cinematic apparatuses to modern technologies used in audiovisual installations, thus mapping film and video as experimental, political and as expanded practices capable of deconstructing the notions of framing, projection and narrative. Questioning cinema as a privileged space of encounter between work and spectator, the lectures will also invite reflection on the diverse ways in which artists might exhibit in a dialogue within an architectural space. In this module, lecturers will articulate the topics through screenings, seminars, workshops and round table discussions with students.

Visiting lecturers
Philippe-Alain Michaud, Vera Dika, Angela Vettese, Enrico Pitozzi, Adeena Mey, Sara Marini / Egidio Cutillo, Zapruder filmmakersgroup

Class schedules
Friday and Saturday

Module II: Means of Production in the Artistic Context

Masterclass: Alterazioni Video, 2020
Masterclass: Enrico Pitozzi, 2019
Through workshop activities of dialogue, writing and graphic presentation, this module will provide critical tools for understanding the funding and dissemination methods available to emerging artists, such as tenders, competitions, research grants, residencies, participation in festivals, solo or group exhibitions, etc. The lecturers will share and discuss their own experiences, focusing on themes around practical activities which aim to be of benefit to all engaged in the group discussion.

Visiting lecturers
Martina Angelotti, Enrico Camporesi, Lorenzo Mason Studio

Class schedules
Friday and Saturday

Module III: Studio Visit

Masterclass: Danilo Correale, 2019
Masterclass: Rosa Barba, 2019
Students here are called upon to share their own research and production methods on an individual basis with the guest artist lecturer at the Postgraduate’s course. Each such session will last four days, during which there will also be presentations and screenings by the guest artists, with a round table discussion to follow. Furthermore, this module includes appointments with local institutions engaged in active production, exhibition and conservation practices in the field of contemporary art.

Visiting lecturers
Éric Baudelaire, Adelita Husni-Bey, Danilo Correale, Peter Welz

Studio visit schedules
Wednesday to Saturday

Module IV: Project Work and Exhibition

Student: Camilla Mazzocato, 2020
Student: Riccardo Androni Angeli, 2023
From the beginning of the course students are requested to develop a personal project of artistic production that will be displayed collectively at the end of the year in a Venetian space. The feasibility of the project and exhibition proposal will be discussed with course coordinators in group sessions once every two months. The formal and conceptual themes and contents of the project may also be shared and discussed with the artists during studio visits. At least one development phase of the project will have to be carried out in collaboration and dialogue with a partner institution of the Postgraduate’s course or an external institution (including artists’ studios, subject to agreement), for a minimum of 250 hours.




Application deadline: October 16, 2023
Interviews: October 19, 10:30am (CET)
Admission list: October 30, 2023
Matriculation: November 9, 2023
Start: January 12, 2024

Registration fee: €50
1st semester: €3,000
2nd semester: €3,000

Grants (Italy): Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Lazio, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Piemonte, Puglia, Sardegna, Toscana, Valle d’Aosta

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A Bachelor’s degree, basic knowledge of image, video and text editing tools, digital portfolio (max. 16 pages, 5 MB). Please note that most of the courses will be taught in English.

A remote video interview will be requested after the application. The minimum admission score is 60 out of 100. Up to a maximum of 15 students will be admitted.

For detailed information on enrolment procedures, please consult this page or contact master@iuav.it and info@mov-ies.eu
Where and When
Palazzo Badoer, Iuav University of Venice, San Polo 2468, 30125 Venice

January to July 2024
Classes: Friday and Saturday
Studio visits: Wednesday to Saturday

August to November 2024
Project work: 250 hours

December 2024 to January 2025
Final exhibition and graduation